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Founded in the year 2020, as one of first Middle Eastern micro-mobility companies that was able to develop its system in-house, led by a local Saudi team with the aid of international experts.

Making Everyday Commute Easier, Cheaper & Fun!


We are for everyone, whether you are a student or an executive in a suit – anyone can enjoy riding Spiders



With easy access to our vehicles all over your city, you can now ride whenever you want and wherever you want.



Spiders are transforming cities and communities by offering environmentally-friendly forms of personal mobility.


Shared analytics

We all want less congested roads. We will share data and analytics to cities to help plan sustainable and less congested communities


Ride Spiders with Ease!

Welcome to Spiders Mobility. We are born out of Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of a Saudi team with the aim to enable moving around in an easy and more fun way. We believe in freedom.

Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of movement. We believe in cities free from congestion, noise, and pollution. To accomplish this, we have taken the most advanced technology and made it accessible to everyone. With Spiders, you can go from point A to point B in time, in total silence and free from fossil fuels.

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